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Fine Art for your home or office.  Gifts.  Announcements.  Tabletop accents for an event.  Reminders of special places you've been.  Ways to say  "Thank You," "Thinking of You" or just "Hi."

In the Bear Cave

The 4x4

In the Bear Cave

A Cool Wedding "Thank You" Gift Idea


1.  The Pic bRics

For the type of photographic images I like to produce, standard lab prints never suited my taste.  Standard printing papers lack impact;  frame choices are either too old-world formal and expensive, or boring and fragile. Then I discovered the acrylic style. These unique blocks are distinctively cool and contemporary. They possess visual impact; they're substantive and are perfectly priced. They can be used to add a decorative touch in a small space or you can even use them as a stylish paper weight.  PLUS, as each comes in its own white box, they make perfect gifts.  Personally, this is what I primarily use them for and maybe you can too.  Everyone loves them.  Small and affordable, they never fail to create anything less than a striking presentation.    Depending on the image, they come in one of two sizes: 4”x4” or 4”x6”.

NOTE:  The Pic bRics are an "on demand" item.  Therefore, if gifting or announcing, make sure to plan in advance as they can take a a week to 10 days for production plus shipping.

In the Bear Cave

The 4x6

In the Bear Cave


Each Windowpane comes with a clear acrylic stand or with the optional metal stand

2. The "Windowpanes"

These flat acrylics are great for display in places small or large.  Through a miraculous process, the image is mounted and sealed onto the back of the acrylic making a permanent bond.  The smaller ones, coming with grooved stands in acrylic (another option is metal) make for an awesome desk accessory for your home or office, or perhaps as tabletop accents for an event.

Flatscreen Sample 1

3. Postcards & Greeting/Note Cards

White Rabbit and Hole

We are not 'late!' . .

Rather we are right on time and our time is COMING SOON!"