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The Hat Trick

Ric's Porkpie Hat

Ric's Porkpie Hat

As many know, for me "The Hat" is much more than just a hat.

I was asked by Joe Mackin of 2 Paragraphs, an ultra-cool creative/social platform, to submit a story regarding one or another of my "celebrity" photos. I enjoy writing and it usually plays a part in my personal work. I had always been fascinated by the work of photographers like Duane Michaels and another Montauk resident, Peter Beard, where their handwritten, journal-like entries on and around their images seemed to expand the photographic possibilities. Spilling off my shelves can be found my handmade books that humbly follow in their huge footsteps. 

Yet to actually sit down and write a cohesive story -- very brief and to the point, yet hopefully entertaining and engaging -- presented a new and unique set of challenges. First Question: "Which Celebrity?!" Second Question: "What's the story?" Then, the Realization: "In such a limited context EVERY SINGLE WORD CHOICE is going to need a rectal examination!!!" It would be a bald-faced lie for me to say I did not encounter major trepidation, much desktop finger tapping and long, long sessions of staring at the "blank" template of my word processor. . . . for TWO Paragraphs. 

The block was broken when I remembered one particular, high-pressured photo assignment and . . . The Hat. It recalled the tricks it can sometime perform in my favor.

You can see and read the results at: "The Hat by Ric Kallaher"



Ric Kallaher

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