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Now is the Winter of our Discontent . . .

Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious memory by these scenes of now, now, now and now transformed into then, then, then, and then again.

I always knew that some of the most beautiful lightscapes occur at dawn.  Being not exactly a "morning person", however, I could never quite get myself out the door in time.  Until that is Major Mackie MacGregor Kallaher came into my life this past January.  After my Mom's death, there was no way I could leave her Westie, and my forever buddy, behind and so he moved from Memphis to Milford.   Shortly afterwards it became clear that keeping peace in the house required creation of The Dawn Patrol.  Naturally, this coincided with, weather-wise, one of the two worst winters I can remember.  The silver lining, however, was that we were treated to some absolutely amazing displays of nature.  And so it came to be that I enlisted the local beach's "Life Support" outpost to serve as the anchor in documenting the spectacular shifts in light and mood from day to day.  

Now that the temperatures are at least above freezing on a regular basis, it's a good time to look back and appreciate what we were seeing.


Ric Kallaher

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