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New Day / New Site

Having been more marathon than sprint; more patient persistence than snap/slap’n’dash -- the dawn of my new site launch is finally here.  It has all the bells and whistles: a Blog, several Portfolios, and, absolutely key, the very thrilling ECommerce section complete with my Grand Opening Super Duper New Site Celebration introductory 10% discount, and more.  Aside from completing the architecture so that people can actually visit it, however, the truly exciting part for me is that it is actually less “the finish line” than the “starting line.”    Hopefully, the launch is more a beginning of the new mission.  

For a bit of background, the concept behind the entire endeavour is for it to be organic.  In the past, there was “me working,” or “me looking for work” while the site existed as a kind of electronic portfolio.   This, at first, was a huge plus.  When I first began seeking work as a professional photographer the initial task was to have a portfolio.  It was a classic Catch-22 -- how could you get work if you didn’t have work to show you could work?  These portfolios were huge, heavy physical tome-objects that kept many a bicycle messenger in business.  Further their weight was exacerbated by the fact that they also were very very expensive.  The resultant limitations were obvious -- there was only so much work you could physically or economically afford to show.  Ah, but times were changing: websites offered the possibility of both affordability and flexibility.  Yet, they, too had limitations.  Sites required entirely new skillsets, there was only so much they could do outside of whizz/bang design and, if you couldn’t do it yourself,  there again was that “expensive” factor in the form of costly designers.  But times indeed were rapidly changing.  Along came platform services that offered adaptable templates where you could have cool design while making stamping it with your own look.  This was great, yet there remained a shortcoming.  Namely, these versions still felt like a static proposition -- the digital equivalent of a book that focused on the ‘greatest hits’ and sat there until the next time an image was worthy of being added.  For up to the moment stuff, it was much easier to post something on Facebook.  One could get easily lost in a new form of the Tower of Babel.  Additionally, I never wanted to be only an assignment photographer but also an art photographer.  and to be able to offer my efforts for sale meant another huge and separate effort requiring, curses!, an entirely different online platform.

Fortunately for me I stumbled onto the work of a guy by name of Austin Kleon (if you are in any way associated with our new “gig” economy, I highly recommend you check him out).  He describes himself as a “writer who draws” and he has a couple of super-cool, best-selling little books out entitled “Steal Like an Artist” and, especially, “Show Your Work.”  Reading his essays, following his blog, and closely studying his output totally opened my eyes to a brand new way of approaching all that I was doing.  This charted a path to bringing it all together.  His point of view de-emphasizes the idea (and accompanying pressure) of trying to be an authentic  “genius.” Instead, he promoted becoming more of the Brian Eno-coined environment “Scenius”.  In other words, we’re all influenced by others, all ideas are “stolen”.  Therefore, he said, stop worrying and procrastinating because you think you should make yourself into the “one and only”.  What’s key is to put a personal tweak on whatever influences you; share and credit your influences; and, most importantly “show your work!”  He emphasizes doing this by setting up an all-functioning website of your own and, rather than sharing blindly on Facebook, he encourages blogging.  It’s a direct path to informing/entertaining friends and followers with what you see along the way.  Significantly, it provides a direct and immediate path to where there can be active participation in and support of your output.  It’s a kind of home-grown, support-your-local-artist process residing in the global cloud.

After digesting all of this, here I am with my new site. The intention is that it not be a static representation of me.  Rather I’ve designed it to be an active, changing, growing organic part of who I am and what I do.  Therefore, it’s a place that someone can drop in from time to time and at any time to find something new and different.  To be honest, it’s thrilling to have taken all this in and to have acted on it.  

So, welcome to the new blog, welcome to the new site.  I hope that if you’re looking for original photography you’ll check out my portfolio and get in touch.  If you’re looking to decorate your home or office, please consider my Hat Trick Studio photo art output which is now available here  for sale.  Addtionally they make awesome gifts as well! Speaking of ‘for sale’ let me remind you that for my “Grand Opening” everything is also ON SALE -- 10% for 10 Days.  Enjoy!


Ric Kallaher

Ric is: • a Professional Portrait Photographer specializing in working with small business owners towards enhancing their B2B online goals via executive portraits as well as images that tell the story of a business with on-site photography of facilities &/or product photography ; • an experienced Events Photographer who spectacularly documents high end awards shows and high-society special events, especially in regard to the People of Advertising, Media, Arts and Culture. • an insightful image-maker with a detailed eye who helps interior designers bring their work to life. • an award-winning wedding photographer who helps couples document their special day. Ric's Photographic Mission: To artfully create strong, provocative & transcendent visual records of meaningful relationships & significant moments. Additionally, Ric is a trained actor and experienced music producer who has often been heard applying his voice over talents to ongoing advertising campaigns. He has been the voice on national campaigns for the likes of SuperValu Grocery Stores, Texaco, Kendall Motor Oil, Campbell's Soups and more. He has even appeared ON-camera in an ad for Comedy Central as a scream therapist. His is represented by Ann Wright Reps.