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Road Chase on the Lost Highway


It was a long week.  There was the stress-filled prep to launch the new website; there was a weather-dependent commission to photo the lighthouse at dawn on a particular day (in two weeks of foul, wet weather THAT day turned into on the of the best ever); and, yes, there was the weather to contend with.  That light on that one way was so exceptional, however, that a little extra effort could not be denied.  So, I eased my old friend out early from winter hibernation and we went on a jaunt to chase down the sun on the Lost Highway.  It was a gem.

And if you have time today, please check out the new site -- it's not only about portfolios, etc. I've got a neat new ecommerce section "Hat Trick For Sale" where you can get an early start on your Holiday Shopping and save $$ doing so since I've got a New Site Celebration Discount going on.


Ric Kallaher

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