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Adventures in Montauk: Website ReMix Seeks Protection by Guardians

Montauk Bunker
Shadmoor Bluffs
Shadmoor Bluffs

It was a morning of frosty temps this morning as I took a longer path than usual to the coffee shop.  The frigid air was fortifying and rejuvenating.  Long, slow rollers gently washed ashore on the beach below the bluffs.  It was necessary to stroll slowly as I am about to “go live” with the Website Remix.  Thus, I needed the mental time and space to review whether there were any remaining “i” that needed dotting, any wandering “t” that remained uncrossed.  There were no distractions other than one other solitary stroller with dog, who seemed as intent on solitary thoughts as I.  There was only the inspiring view from on top the ever-eroding bluff.  But I knew I need not be concerned.  Fortunately, I was under the gaze and protection of one of Montauk’s Ancient Temple of Guardians!


Ric Kallaher

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