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"These developers came in and built almost an entire new city seemingly overnight, right under our noses, without any prior approvals or even filing a plan.  We tried to fight them but they had deep pockets and delayed every effort until it was too late.  Don't think this can't happen in your neighborhood.!

Truthfully, the first part of the above 'quote' is a joke; the last sentence not so much.  About ten years ago I was almost literally dragged into meetings by my neighbors that made me aware of just how much effort and money is being spent behind the scenes by certain entities to transform the natural beauty of this area into something quite different.  The Montauk area is a fragile ecosystem that already is showing signs of strain under all of the recent development.  Fortunately, it historically has had a fairly strict and practical zoning system.  Technically, though, we are a hamlet and part of East Hampton.  Yet there are always constant, ongoing motions by a small handful who would like to see Montauk as its own corporate entity which would therefore allow for major rezoning.  You can guess where that would lead.  Local taxes would skyrocket as those looking to make a big quick buck would seek to overbuild in an area already vulnerable to the surges of global climate change.

This is one reason I very proudly support the efforts of the great folks led by Laura Tooman over at The Concerned Citizens of Montauk.  They're knowledgeable people who spend great effort to inform the citizenry and to keep a watchful eye on our beautiful natural resources.  Power to them!  Please check them out and support them if you can.


Ric Kallaher

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