And now a few words from our sponsors . . .

We always turn to Ric when it’s photo time...because we love the results.
But we also love the process: He’s very sensitive to our insecurities, gets us relaxed, and makes it fun.
— Mary Knox & Shauna Seresin, Partners, MINERVA

...rapport that shows...”

"Ric has been photographing our Festival of New Musicals for 10 years.  He takes excellent photos, but what really sets him apart is his personality.  He makes our guests feel welcome and our artists feel respected, and that rapport with his subjects shows in his photos.  Thanks, Ric!"

Ciera Iveson, New Works Director, NAMT (the National Alliance for Musical Theatre)

"...the perfect balance of creative wild man and consummate professional..."

Ric is the perfect balance of creative wild man and consummate professional.  In any endeavor or collaboration, I can always relax knowing that he’ll bring the work to new artistic heights heights while delivering on time and on budget

--Jason Menkes, President, The Association of Music Producers (AMP)Partner + Executive Producer, COPILOT Music + Sound, 154 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013


...outstanding and professional...”

I have had other photographers take pictures of me for promotional articles, but I have never had a picture of myself for a bio that looked so outstanding and professional that I feel really projects my image of myself as I’ve always wanted to. Thank you Ric! You’re the best and would never use anybody else.

—  Warren Stein - Director, MHP Real Estate Services, 277 Park Ave, 21st Flr, New York, NY


I hate to update my portrait. Ric made the process, not only painless and playful, but also enjoyable. He is fun and professional and even can make me confortable in front of a camera. He knows how to work the light to be flattering and I am very pleased with the result.

Beatrice Coron, Artist

     If anyone is interested in hiring Ric Kallaher as their photographer just a glance at his body of work will have them realize how talented this man is. His work covers a wide variety of styles and situations. From lavish affairs to individual portraits. What you can't know seeing his creations is the huge personality he brings to each of his projects. I have known and hired Ric for many years and the uniqueness of his personality brings out the best in the people he points his camera at. I find that a priceless addition to what he charges me for his work. For the last 5 years he has photographed an event I throw for AMP, a trade association I am on the board of. Look for those pics, and you will be entertained.

-- Jeff Rosner, Executive Producer/Partner, COLOR
An Audio Post Production Company

Ric Kallaher is a consummate professional and creative artist. As a dynamic photographer who has an exceptional ability to engage his subjects, he creates images that reflect their unique personalities. I have hired Ric to work in a variety of settings including a museum and a performing arts organization. Whether it is a gala, opening reception or large-scale fundraising event, he captures the spirit of the moment and the electricity of the crowds. It has always been a pleasure to work with him.

Liz Samurovich, Marketing Director, Museum of Arts & Design


Ric exceeded my expectations

Ric came to Terry Connors Ice Rink to photograph me playing hockey for my website.  The lighting was bad, the action was fast; but Ric took exceptional pictures that captured the essence of the game.  Faces, stick handling, penalties, shots, saves by the goalie were all in this wondrous mix of color and depth.  Ric exceeded my expectations by so much it is hard to describe.

John Gasidlo - Estates Attorney, Westport CT

...a special gift...”

"I refer my clients to only one photographer for their professional business photos, Ric Kallaher. He is a master photographer and gets the best photos of even the most reluctant and difficult of clients.  I am always overjoyed that the end product is better than I or the client ever imagined.  Ric is a professional photographer who is extremely talented and has a special gift at putting the client at ease making the experience a lot fun.

Susan (LaCorte) Catalano, founder JQLaCorte LLC Management Consulting | LinkedIn Expert | Page Optimization | LinkedIn Programs for Business Results to capture the perfect pictures...”

Ric Is an amazing photographer. I own an electrical company and for years I was trying to capture the beautiful lighting I install with traditional digital cameras and cell phone cameras. I brought Ric onto a project not knowing what to expect. He is so full of knowledge in his craft and knew exactly how to get the right lighting, the right angles and accent the gorgeous tile, stone and wood work with my lighting using his skills. Finally on my social media and website I can truly show the world how good I am at my job and this is credited to Ric for being able to capture the perfect pictures. I would recommend any contractor to use Ric for before and after pictures of their projects to present professional photos of their work to future potential customers.

-- Rob Piro, Founder/Owner PIRO ELECTRIC, WESTPORT CT