What Is a Hat Trick?

- In sports like cricket and hockey, the affectionate and historical nickname for the rare feat of scoring three goals in a game is "Hat Trick."  This has nothing to do with that.  When Ric switched from his career in music-for-advertising-and-film to pursuing professional photography full-time, his first avenues were through documenting big advertising awards events.  His grandfather, R.A. Smith, for whom he had been named, had always worn hats.  So Ric, long before hipsters came along, looking for a way to stand out and be found in a crowd, remembering R.A., tried a hat.   Lo and behold, he realized somehow the hats were a way to 'break the ice' when asking people for their photo.  Thus, in his experiment he discovered that the hat did the trick.  Additionally, it was how people remembered him.   With that bit of information, Ric photographed himself in his hat with his camera and put this image onto his business cards.  People never fail to nod approvingly.  And, when it came to booking a photographer, while they wouldn't necessarily remember his name, inevitably people would say, "Get me the guy with the hat!"   Things progressed and Ric came to thinking up names for his business ventures and his studio.  Naturally, there was only one name that would fit the bill: Hat Trick.  So, a Hat Trick product is what comes from these efforts.  And that's what a Hat Trick is.  To Ric.  Not necessarily to cricket or hockey.